Criminal Defense

When you are accused of a crime, the combined might of the police and the government can be an intimidating foe.  Early intervention by an experienced attorney is the most effective means of protecting your rights and liberty.  We are ready to fight for you and be your voice when it may feel like no one else is listening.


If you or a loved one is being investigated, charged, or has been arrested for ANY type of criminal offense in the State of Florida, you should seek immediate help.  Contact us today for a free confidential consultation.


Areas of Practice:

  •   Drug Offenses
  •   DUI & Driving Offenses
  •   Domestic Offenses
  •   Federal Offenses
  •   First Appearance/Bond Reduction
  •   Fraud & White Collar
  •   Sexual Offenses
  •   Seal/Expunge Criminal Record
  •   Theft & Property Crimes
  •   Violent Offenses
  •   Violation of Probation


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