Family Law


Even if you think that your divorce will be a simple one, or you and your spouse have come to what appears to be a reasonable agreement regarding the children, your assets, or your debts, there is no substitute for sitting down with an experienced family law attorney to go over the particulars of your situation. 

Despite the sensational portrayals we see in films and celebrity gossip articles, divorce--and family law in general--is an expansive and rather technical area of practice complete with its own set of procedural rules and substantive laws.  There is no shortage of seemingly contradictory decisions on a wide range of situations at the appellate court levels.  Overworked and understaffed trial court judges and magistrates are afforded an unparalleled amout of discretion and often simply resort to their own sense of fairness in churning out hurried decisions in informal hearings designed more for expediency than merit.  Given the immediate and often permanent impact that these one-chance-only, half-hour proceedings will have on your life, perhaps no other area of Florida law so definitively requires the guidance and support of an experienced professional.


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Family Law Services:

  • Divorce proceedings
  • Prenuptial Agreements 
  • Child Support (Initiation or Enforcement)
  • Timesharing and Parenting Plans
  • Supplemental Modifications
  • Paternity Issues
  • Representation in Juvenile Court
  • Injunctions / Domestic Battery

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