Contract Services

Most litigation today could be avoided if more time and effort was put into starting off with a good contract that could outline each party's duties and obligations at the outset. 


Do not just grab some one-size-fits-all contract on the internet. Your agreement should be tailored to the specifics of your situation. Similarly, you should avoid boiler-plate agreements just for the sake of getting things started. If you didn't have a hand in drafting it, it probably won't protect you when the other party isn't performing.


There's no better time to work out what would happen in the event of a dispute than in the beginning while the parties are getting along and excited to work together.


Contract Services:

  • Business Purchase & Sale
  • Corporate and LLC Articles & Organization Documents
  • Operating Agreements
  • Contract Reviews (prior to signing)
  • Negotiate for Suggested Revisions
  • Modifications and Amendments to Agreements
  • Breach of Contract Claims
  • Response to Demand Letters

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