Wilkerson Law, PLLC was founded in 2017 in Jacksonville, Florida.   I excelled in my early career, landed a coveted position at well-respected and established firm, and thereafter came to realize an unfortunate truth:  The large law firm approach too often places the focus on the vitality of the firm itself, with the concept of winning disputes as a secondary concern, and the mental and emotional health of clients as a distant afterthought. 


I consider the most important aspect of any dispute to be the health and well-being of my client, both during and--often most importantly--after the legal process.  While I protect my clients' rights at every opportunity, I will never drag my people through a long and arduous legal battle just for the sake of being able to say I won.  That approach to the law makes attorneys rich and clients poor, often with no better outcome than they might have gotten if they simply stood up in court and told their story.  I don't do that.


Of course, if you're up against an opponent who simply can't be bothered with the concepts of fairness and accountability, I will back your cause all the way to the highest levels to see justice done.  If you're right, we'll show 'em, and they'll admit it with their checkbooks, if necessary. 


At the end of the day, the Firm offers the highest quality representation and attention to detail in every case tempered with an understanding that while we personally love arguing in court, our clients just want their lives back.  Reaching that outcome means different things for different people, and I won't stop until you get there.

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